editorial policy

We aim to publish every letter we receive. Your words are valuable and we really appreciate the time and effort you take to write them.

However, we won’t publish a letter if we feel it will offend or alienate a fellow mama – this goes against our hi mama mission. We will always tell you if we don’t intend to publish and why.

We would like to use your words to help promote the hi mama project, therefore we may use quotes from your letter on social media and in our marketing from time to time. 

For full details on how we use the data you give us when you either submit your letter or subscribe via our website, please read our Privacy Policy. You have the right to withdraw or amend the data we hold about you at any time.

If you have read a letter that doesn’t sit comfortably with you, please let us know by dropping a line to connect@hi-mama.co.uk.

By submitting your letter you are agreeing to the above editorial policy.