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Adoption: The unconditional love is there

Adoption: The unconditional love is there

hi mama,

Have faith in yourself.

You may not have given birth but this doesn't make you any less of a mama.

You may not have carried a baby for 9 months or been mama from day one but this does not make you any less of a mama.

The unconditional love is there. A bond so incredibly strong and pure. 

You do not have to explain your situation. Nor should you be apologetic or feel the need to justify yourself. She calls you mama. Be proud. Have faith in you.

Lose the self doubt and ignore the comments from others. They don't mean any harm. They just don't understand.

Your worries are natural - every mama worries. Am I doing enough? Am I giving my child the best start in life?

Acknowledge your worries, take action and then move on. Be present. Focus on the now.

You have self doubt like any other mama. But don't waste your energy worrying what others think. Trust yourself and focus your energy on building a happy home, making the very most of every day.

Don't let anyone judge you and do not judge yourself. Have faith. Believe in you.

It is you who is there to encourage your daughter when she doubts herself and worries; you are there to wipe her tears away when she feels sad; you are there to cuddle her when she's feeling poorly; you are who she turns to when she needs encouragement; and you are there to support her through the grief - something no child should have to experience but many sadly do.

But you are also there to keep your sister's memory alive and there to share the happy days. You get to experience the magic. You get to see your baby grow and learn. You get to share the fun and laughter...and reconnect with your inner child. There's no feeling quite like it. 

Make the most of these magical days. Worry less and allow yourself to enjoy it...have fun. Oh and make sure you find the odd 5 mins for you

Em xx

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Not everyone loves being pregnant

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