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Students of parenthood

Students of parenthood

hi mama,

I always wandered if there was a key bit of information that someone forgot to mention when I had my daughter and I have come to understand that there are THREE things!
I mean everyone had opinions on everything else but they missed these huge things!

Let's go back....
Remember when we got told about what we had to come, the normal (apparently);
lack of sleep
the dark eyes, (I was supporting Chanel on most days)
the horror of everyone's labour stories
the nappy explosions
Colic and reflux
the 'your so young' comments, is this what you want.

EVERYONE HAD AN OPINION, or felt the need to share bits of information we just didn't need to hear.

Remember when your partner was insistent that you was in denial about having a baby, we was 30+ weeks and the worry on their face when we refused to talk about labour, at any given point the conversation was shut down. I think he truly thought we believed our daughter was being delivered by that stork in the sky.

We kept thinking about all of the things we would have to do and all of them things we would teach our new child, all of the milestones we would watch them achieve.

Everyone talking at us telling us how much our life was going to change.
All the new things we would have to do, the pressure, the dependency. The fear of not just looking after yourself but also looking after a brand new baby. It was blooming frightful, although I think we did pretty good and didn't show it.

If I could say three things to my 21 year old self, carrying my first child it would be the following:

- motherhood is hard but it's the best feeling in the world. Take a step back, put down the washing and play with your child, they are NOT babies forever, trust me we now have a four year old that starts school in September. I blinked and we are here.

- Dont be afraid to get stuff wrong, parenting is bloody hard work and there have been plenty of times where I had no idea what was wrong. Constantly I was finding myself asking 'what am I doing wrong' or 'is she okay'.
I was doing nothing wrong and she was fine, she was a baby wanting to give her mummy a hard time and question whether I was good enough.

And lastly and for me it's the BIGGY...

Don't fool yourself.... your not the teacher, they are. From the minute she was born we become students. You may think you are older and wiser but you have been fooled! I have found myself learning so many new things, feeling things I didn't know I could feel. I have become a completely different person and I'm Ok with that because I'm going through another lesson in life.
We are part of the millions.... students of parenthood and our teacher is a cheeky, sassy, intelligent four year old who makes every single day a better place to be.

Whoever you are reading this then know this...
Your doing or will do an amazing job, on the days that it's tough step back and take a breather. On the days that is good, step back and take it all in.
Don't be afraid of getting things wrong and don't forget as much as you are shaping that little human into a beautiful person, they are also shaping you into something greater then you ever thought you could be.

Kind regards

You can follow Staci on  Instagram .

You can follow Staci on Instagram.

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