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You will be so much happier as a single mum

You will be so much happier as a single mum

hi mama,

I know that right now you are sat crying on your kitchen floor, because your husband has just left. I know that you feel numb, sick, angry, scared, devastated, humiliated (and if the truth be told a little bit relieved) all at the same time. I know that even though it’s summer you feel really cold. That’s the shock, you need to stand up, have a sweet tea and then phone your mum. I know that deep down you know that you have been lied to. Your gut instincts are right - please trust them.

But I also know that this is when you really start to live your life. This will be the making of you. You will be so much happier as a single mum, and after some time passes you will come to learn how much of yourself you have lost over the last 13 years. Please believe me when I say that this moment, when you can feel the cold of the kitchen floor through your jeans, will be your absolute lowest. This is the worse bit, it will get slowly better from here. The plaster has been ripped off.

Oh and I know that from this angle you can see the dog hair that hasn’t been hoovered up. I know that you find it bizarre that your husband has just told you he doesn’t love you, but all you can think of is getting the hoover out. Well that just proves it doesn’t it, your world hasn't completely stopped.

Sorry, I’m not being flippant, the next few weeks are going to be very hard. But tonight will be the hardest. Losing your family home, having to sell your business and explaining to your 4 year old and 18 month old that daddy thought he would be happier if he lived in a different house, are going to test your resolve BUT you will see how resourceful and capable you are and this will make you feel free.

Ok, this bit is important, so listen up! I’m so proud of you for this! You stay classy! I know it’s tempting, but you don’t tear up his shirts or throw all his stuff out of the bedroom window. You stand stoic and keep your side of the road clean. That will earn you much more respect that you can ever know.

You will move into a lovely little house in a beautiful village. You will be so happy there. Don’t be worried about living on your own. You have been with your ex husband (that is what he is now) since you were 16. This means that you don’t really know your own individuality, but you soon will get to know yourself again.

And I don’t want to ruin the surprise, so I’ll just say this. Turns out you married Mr. Willoughby by mistake, but that’s OK because Colonel Brandon will knock on your door one night. Yes quite literally turn up at your door. But could you please try and cook something else that day other than fish finger chips and beans? Because he still won't let you live that down!

Please please don’t worry, all will be well. You have three gorgeous, happy and healthy boys (you marry and have a baby with your Colonel Brandon). I am sat in your new home and you are the happiest you have ever been.

Little bit of a heads up though, don’t buy the high gloss kitchen units they are a nightmare to keep clean!

Lots of love

Gem x x x x x x x x x x x

Ps re mystery man... you already know him! - bet that gets you thinking!


You can follow Gemma on Instagram here -  @the_organised_mum

You can follow Gemma on Instagram here - @the_organised_mum

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