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Your co-parenting situation will work out

Your co-parenting situation will work out

hi mama, 

I know you don't think you've got the strength to fight a situation you were certain you wouldn't end up in but you have! You bloody well have. 

But I know you have hard times to come, the times you will cry in front of everyone at baby sensory and feel like a right dick head... hard nights to come, those twists in your stomach when you see that happy family walking past or that couple defying the odds and working as a team. That you'd avoid certain social media accounts to not join in their 'joy'. How naive and innocent we can still be at the age of 26. That you'd become someone you once felt sympathy for and thought 'I'm so sad for her, but I'm so glad that will never be me'. 

Well it is you. Its happening. It's February 19th 2016 and you've entered a chapter of your life which has swallowed you. You're going to be part of a co parenting situation. It's put your hair in a shit state for a few weeks and gave you eyes capable of crying enough salty tears to make 12 4oz bottles, put you into a spiral of what if, who, when, why BUT my brave mama this WILL be the making of you. You have strength you have courage and you have more passion for life than you even know. 

You see that baby girl just shy of 7 months in your arms, you have no idea of what bond you're going to have and the extra memories you are going to push to create. You're going to make new friends and go new places. I'm so excited for you to see the person you're willing to become... let her out, let her lead the way. 

The family, the women, the men, the friends, the mamas, the 'let's get another prosecco' people are your gang, you'll love them hard and they'll keep you up - more than you realise. 

Your co parenting situation will work out, it's rough now isn't it but you have no idea of how good it will be. You'll be so proud of how well it's all been handled and how much your heart can move forward and forgive with the littlest of efforts.

It's fast forwarded 10 months and you're still witnessing loyalty and patience and the kindness you never thought but from a face of new beginnings. Who could be worth sharing the love of my child you thought, but he buys the wipes you didn't even know you ran out of & he makes that cheese on toast that's actually just cheese on bread and YOU will know loyalty and security again. 

That baby girl of yours is your drive for life and passion and you don't waste it. So please believe me when I say it WILL be ok and you're STRONG you're BRAVE and you love hard. Bloody hell you'll make it and you know what you'll love the life you've created. 

You're a women, you're a human and you're mama. Never doubt yourself again my beauty. 


You can follow Libbi on Instagram -  @libbi.bibbi

You can follow Libbi on Instagram - @libbi.bibbi

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