Mamas who have already written a letter to their previous selves said it made them feel emotional, proud, strong and empowered - we hope it gives you that feeling too.

No subject is off limits, just revisit a time you may have found challenging and write to yourself in that time. What would the mama you are today say to the mama you were then? 

Start your letter with ‘hi mama’ and write about anything – you don’t have to sign off with your name if you’d prefer to remain anonymous and there's no word limit. 

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We can publish pictures with your letters if you’d like us to, but this isn’t a must-have. If so, please include your picture when you submit and any blog/website/social links you'd like us to use.  

Thank you so much for taking the time to write a letter and share your thoughts and experience – we really appreciate you joining the hi mama project!